Pasadena Martial Arts Academy
Our Mission
Our Focus
752 North Lake Avenue, Pasadena CA 91104 626-793-9565
Our Monthly Tuition is $125.00.

Our tuition price is almost all inclusive. There are occasional equipment purchases which we keep to a minimum.
We don't have up-grades to our program. Our one program is designed to get you to Black Belt and beyond.
We don't have Testing, Belt, Association or Promotion fees. This includes for Black Belts Testing and Promotion.
If you need to end your program, there is no waiting period As programs are month to month, all payments are canceled immediately.

We like keeping it simple.
Our system of the Martial Arts is about continual growth and improvement. We seek to capitalize and emphasize those things a student does best, and help them to use those strengths to improve their other abilities.

At Pasadena Martial Arts Academy, we believe in seeing the best in our students and giving them the best we have. It is our mission to see every student attain the rank of Black Belt and beyond.